Colloidal Silver, Ascorbic Acid, Black Elderberry Syrup for Sinus Infections

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Linda (Blue River, Wi) on 12/08/2012:
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i had sinus infections that would last months & went thru month long treatments from the doctors with antibiotics, to no avail. I thought I was resigned to live with it the rest of my life.... My brother in law gave me a bottle of angstrom silver 600ppm (angstrom is like collidal, but smaller particles, with no fillers, etc. ), and a bottle of ascorbic acid & a bottle of black elderberry syrup. I treated myself with a spoonful of each, several times a day, for 2 days & by the 3rd day, I could breathe & quit coughing. Have been sinusitus free since. Now I just take a shot or two a day of the silver & feeling fine. Thanks brett!!
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