Shin Splint Remedies

“Shin splints” is a term used to refer to pain that occurs along the shinbone at the front of the leg. While runners are most commonly affected by the condition, other individuals including walkers, dancers and military recruits are also highly susceptible. In any case, however, effective stretching paired with the appropriate nutrition can offer relief from shin splints and other use-related injuries.

What are Shin Splints?

Shin splints can be defined as pain that is localized in the shin bones. The cause of the condition is overwork or stress on the muscles, tendons and bone tissue surrounding the shins. Symptoms include tenderness, soreness, pain and mild swelling in the lower leg.

Natural Remedies for Shin Splints

As shin splints are caused by repeated stress on the shin bones, remedies aim at strengthening and loosening the shin bone and associated muscle to prevent pain and tightness. This strengthening can be achieved using different stretching techniques and exercises. Nutritional supplements including vitamin D and calcium are also helpful for strengthening the bone and preventing strain on the muscles.

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List of Remedies for Shin Splints