27 Proven Home Remedies for Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis (SK) is a common, benign skin growth that typically appears on the face, chest, back or shoulders of individuals over the age of 50. These skin growths usually develop as a result of aging and sun damage, but their precise cause remains unclear. While SK is not harmful or painful, it can be unsightly and cause embarrassment. There are a variety of natural remedies and supplements that have been researched for their potential to alleviate the symptoms of SK.

This article will explore some of the most well-researched remedies and supplements for treating SK.

Seborrheic Keratosis: Other Common Names for SK

Even though Seborrheic Keratosis, or SK, is the most commonly used name for this condition, there are other names for this condition, including:

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List of Remedies for Seborrheic Keratosis