Natural Remedies for Scar

Natural Remedies for Scars and Scar Tissue

Treatment of scar and scar tissue ranges from massage to topical applications of natural remedies like Castor Oil packs to supplements like Hyaluronic Acid. Smoothing the appearance of scar tissue involves soothing and hydrating the skin. Many home treatments are especially effective for treating and preventing scars.

A scar is the result of regrowth of tissue after the skin has been damaged. The tissue that makes up a scar is technically the same as normal, healthy tissue; however, it appears different as the fibers in this tissue are arranged differently. Scar tissue develops as the result of healing from a variety of different wounds including a cut, burn, acne or fungal infection. Scars develop when the skin has been damaged beyond its first layer.

Natural Remedies for Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can be treated using a variety of home remedies. Common applications including castor oil packs, vitamin E, aloe vera and coconut oil soothe damaged and inflamed areas preventing and treating the development of wounded areas. These treatments also support the growth of new skin.

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List of Remedies for Scar