Scalp Infection Cures

Scalp infection remedies range from natural cleansers to nutritional supplements and dietary changes. In any case, though, the goal is eliminating the infection causing bacteria, fungus or virus. The most effective treatment regimens pair cleansing tonics with moisturizing applications to safely eliminate infection and maintain overall skin health.

What is a Scalp Infection?

Three main types of scalp infection have been identified: fungal, bacterial and viral. Parasitic infestation is another common cause of scalp infection. While these infections do not typically pose major health risks, the conditions cause excessive itching, redness, pus-filled blisters, inflammation and other symptoms. The condition can even lead to hair breakage and hair loss if left untreated.

Natural Remedies for Infections of the Scalp

The skin of the scalp is equally as sensitive as any other skin. As such, treatments for scalp infections must be gentle enough to maintain skin health but intensive enough to eradicate infection. Apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil are among the most effective treatments for scalp infections.

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List of Remedies for Scalp Infection