Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Remedies

Treatment for peripheral artery disease varies from traditional dietary and lifestyle changes to effective natural supplements. Limiting the intake of saturated fats and getting regular exercise prevent clogging of the arteries and maintain effective cardiovascular function. Natural supplements including lecithin, fish oil and serrapeptase treat the condition as well.

What is Peripheral Artery Disease?

Characterized by narrowed arteries and reduced flow to the limbs, peripheral artery disease causes a variety of associated symptoms that can progress to more permanent damage. Common symptoms include painful cramping in the lower extremities, leg numbness and weakness, coldness in the legs and feet, sores on the toes and feet, hair loss in the legs and many others.

The condition is typically caused by atherosclerosis or fatty deposits on the artery walls. Additional causes include blood vessel inflammation, injury, unusual anatomy and radiation exposure.

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List of Remedies for Peripheral Artery Disease