Pain Relief Treatments.

Art Solbrig's Top 10 Pain Relief Solutions

Modified on Dec 09, 2020

by Art Solbrig
Published November 07, 2020
Updated December 09, 2020

Now that winter is soon approaching, it seems to be a good time to mention some effective topical pain relievers as joint pain appears to be a bit more noticeable in winter and arthritis pain especially, so the list below may be timely and useful!

Many pain relievers currently available for oral/systemic use are relatively effective, but there are two problems with these oral pain relievers. One is that they can have some bad side effects. The other issue is that they are being delivered to areas of the body where they are not needed or wanted because of side effects that they are known to cause.

As an example of this, consider NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin, three very common pain relievers that are reasonably effective for moderate pain reduction but are known to cause damage to the gut, even with relatively short term use in some people.

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