Nocturnal Urination (Nocturia) Remedies

Treatment of nocturia involves regulating the urinary system. Some individuals may be able to balance their liquid intake versus their output at night. However, many benefit more fully from natural support such as grapefruit juice and rice vinegar.

What is Nocturia?

Defined as a condition in which an individual must wake throughout the night to urinate, nocturia is a condition that affects both men and women and is more common with age. Symptoms of the condition include the need to rise from sleeping more than once throughout the night as well as disruptions in the normal sleep cycle. Nocturia has several different causes including high fluid intake, untreated diabetes, congestive heart failure, sleeping disorders, certain medications, bladder obstruction, bladder infection and several others.

Natural Remedies for Nocturnal Urination

Treating nocturnal urination hinges on relieving pressure on the urinary system. While some individuals are able to balance this independently, others benefit from support. Grapefruit juice and rice vinegar are two effective natural options for treating nocturia.

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List of Remedies for Nocturnal Urination