Nerve Remedies (arms, legs, hands falling asleep)

Treating nerve issues ranges from specified exercises to dietary changes and supplements. Supporting nerve development and maintenance through regular exercise and appropriate diet is important. Supplements and natural treatments also function to preserve the nervous system and nerve function.

What are Nerve Issues?

The nervous system is responsible for regulating everything the body does and is comprised of three centers – autonomic, motor and sensory. Nerve pain and damage manifests in a variety of ways including sweating, lightheadedness, dry eyes or mouth, weakness, muscular atrophy, paralysis, tingling, burning and many others.

Nerve issues comprise over 100 different types of damage that have various causes. A few of the most common causes of nerve pain include autoimmune disease, cancer, trauma, diabetes, drug effects, nutritional deficiencies and infectious disease.

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List of Remedies for Nerve Remedies