Age Spot Remedies

6 Top Natural Remedies for Age Spots

Age spots, small dark spots on your skin, are also called solar lentigines or liver spots.

Age spots vary in size and appear on areas of your body regularly exposed to the sun, like the face, arms, hands, and shoulders. Age spots commonly affect adults between the age of 50 and above. However, age spots can still affect young people if they spend plenty of time exposed to the sun.

Age spots appear due to overactive pigment cells. Ultraviolet rays cause the skin to increase the production of melanin. Once the melanin concentrates on a specific skin area, an age spot appears. Age spots affect people of various skin types, but they are more common among light skin people. These spots are sometimes tan, black, or brown. They are also flat and oval. Age spots have different sizes depending on a person's exposure to the sun.

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List of Remedies for Age Spots