Nasal Obstruction Remedies

Treatments for nasal obstruction range from dietary changes to nasal sprays and applications. Nonetheless, natural treatment can typically prevent the need for surgery or other more invasive treatment options. Eliminating allergen-inflaming foods as well as apply a simple spray of baking soda to the nose can effectively treat nasal obstructions.

What is a Nasal Obstruction?

A nasal obstruction is defined as any condition that impedes the flow of air through the nose. An obstruction may involve one or both nasal passages and is typically temporary. Common causes of nasal blockage include sinusitis, allergies, medication and overuse of nasal sprays. A blockage may also be caused by an anatomical factor such as a deviated septum, nasal polyp, turbinate bone, enlarged adenoid or foreign substance.

Natural Treatment for Nasal Blockage

Treating nasal obstruction involves a holistic approach that takes all aspects into consideration. Dietary changes as well as the topical application of certain substance can eliminate inflammation and, in turn, treat obstructions.

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List of Remedies for Nasal Obstruction