Nanoparticles: Cures and Toxicity

Nanoparticles are potentially blessing and curse, offering perhaps near-miraculous new drugs but also possibly creating toxic exposures we can hardly protect ourselves against. Bigger than atoms or even molecules, nanoparticles are of some concern because they are still tiny enough to pass through the physical barriers of our skin, eyes, lungs, blood, etc. to potentially cause damage to our external systems.

However, there is nothing essentially new in nanoparticles. There have always been small-particles. The change is that industries of all kinds are starting to engineer nanoparticles that can be put to use, creating inconceivably tiny "machines". These machines could deliver life-saving medications, but their use might also advance very quickly beyond safeguards that would control them and limit the potential harm they could have on human and other life.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Nanoparticle toxicity is a health concern principally addressed by avoidance. If exposure has taken place, natural cleansing treatments for the lungs, skin, or internal body are an excellent place to start in your search for a nanoparticle remedy.

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List of Remedies for Nanoparticles