Mystery Diagnosis

Numerous individuals go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed year in and year out. Attending multiple doctors’ appointments, tracking symptoms, trying different remedies all to no avail is a tiresome and vexing process. Modern medicine does not have all the answers and, in fact, the body often needs natural remedies for complete healing.

What Other Options are Available?

Spending tireless hours and resources is not the only answer to getting relief and treatment. Earth Clinic serves as an ongoing natural medical forum. Posting information about experienced symptoms, attempted treatments and comorbid issues allows our team of medical sleuths as well as our knowledgeable readers to provide educated advice that has repeatedly served as healthy advice and even life-saving diagnoses.

Submit a Mystery Diagnosis

Earth Clinic and our readers are committed to helping individuals arrive at effective, natural treatment options. If you are in need of health advice, a possible diagnosis or even just support for coping with a medical issue, submit your symptoms here and let us help you find a natural cure.

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List of Remedies for Mystery Diagnosis