Cure Multiple Ailments

Do you suffer from multiple ailments at the same time? Even if some or all of these conditions are minor or passing, it can make it harder to come up with a suitable natural remedy to restore your health. It can also make it difficult to identify the root condition that may be resulting in all of these symptoms.

On the other hand, if there is a single condition, nutritional deficiency, or lifestyle choice at the base of all of your symptoms then a single or small number of home remedies might get to the root of the problem and result in a complete cure of multiple conditions.

Natural Cures: As you will find in the pages to follow, many Earth Clinic community members have successfully addressed multiple health conditions with one or two (or a small handful) or herbal remedies, dietary supplements, or lifestyle changes--completely changing their health and their lives in the process!

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List of Remedies for Multiple Ailments