Multiple System Atrophy Remedies

Treatment of multiple system atrophy involves a holistic approach that includes dietary controls, activity changes, dietary supplements and other treatment options. Natural remedies including regulating the diet, increasing activity level and supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals aid in treating the condition. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle and getting plenty of fluids is also important for aiding in appropriate functioning of the body.

What is Multiple System Atrophy?

Multiple system atrophy or MSA is a neurological condition that impairs the body’s functions including blood pressure, heart rate, bladder function and digestive function. Many of the symptoms mimic that of Parkinson’s including slow movement, muscle rigidity and poor balance.

While there is no known cause of MSA, it is generally associated with deterioration and shrinkage of regions of the brain. Research shows that individuals with the condition have an abnormal protein in the affected brain cells.

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List of Remedies for Multiple System Atrophy