Mental Illness Treatment

While treatment of mental illness often involves a variety of treatment considerations, many natural supplements offer extensive treatment benefits. Supplements help regulate mood and affect and prevent the characteristic “highs” and “lows” many individuals with mental illness experience. Additionally, these supplements help eliminate harmful toxins in the body that may be contributing to illness.

What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is a term used to refer to a number of disorders that involve mental health. Disorders associated with mental illness typically include those that affect the mood, thinking and behavior of an individual. Several mental illnesses have been identified including anxiety disorder, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders and specific addictive behaviors.

While specific mental illnesses manifest in different ways, many of these issues share similar traits. Common symptoms of mental illness include a pervasive feeling of sadness, confused thinking, excessive fear or worry, extreme changes in mood, tiredness or low energy, detachment, feelings of guilt, substance abuse and excessive anger. The causes of mental illness vary as well but typically include genetics, environmental exposures, negative life experiences and brain chemistry.

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List of Remedies for Mental Illness