Essiac Tea, Boswellia, Apricot Seeds for Meningioma

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Terri (Washington, Dc) on 11/04/2015:
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I was diagnosed with meningioma tumors, head and neck. Doctors are claiming the one in my neck can cause me to be paralyzed and strongly suggesting surgery, without a doubt. I'm terrified of that procedure and prefer a natural cure. I've started Boswellia extract and yes I've noticed a difference in my body, less joint pain.

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Passiflora71 (Tucson, Arizona) on 10/16/2015:
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Hope your MRI came back well. Just wanted to say that I have been taking high dosages of Boswellia serrata (7200mg per day! ), and this has been really effective in shrinking my brain tumor. I buy the Double Boswellia (800mg) by Swanson's, and take about 9-10 a day. Its good to space them out because you can only absorb so much at any given time. I take 3 pills (800mg each) three times a day. Studies in Germany showed absolutely no side effects with this high dosage, including in children over a 9 month period. Also, Honokiol is extremely effective too, its just really expensive ($70 a month, as compared to $30 a month for the Boswellia dosage). Hope this helps!

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