Medication Side Effects

6/3/2008: We are proud of this site's collaboration with Jason Uttley on fibromyalgia and fluoride poisoning, and we would like to do more with this new page, created in direct response to a reader who discovered the Advair she was taking for asthma contained fluoride as a stabilizer, after she had trusted her doctor to protect her from that sort of health conflict.

If you are concerned about fluoride in your own medications, the Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative has an excellent compilation of medications that contain fluorine, listed by drug category. You might also check out this list of fluorinated pharmaceuticals. Here are several antibiotics containing fluoride compounds:

Generic Name Common Name
Ciprofloxacin Cipro
Enoxacin Penetrex
Flucloxacillin There are several
Gatifloxacin Tequin
Gemifloxacin mesylate Factive
Grepafloxacin HCI Raxar
Levofloxacin Levaquin
Linezolid There are several
Lomefloxacin Maxaquin
Moxifloxacin HCL Avelox
Norfloxacin Noroxin
Ofloxacin Floxin
Sparfloxacin Zagam
Trovafloxacin mesylate Trovan

Other chemical additives in common pharmaceuticals are just as questionable as fluoride; however, an easily accessed list is not readily available. What drugs and chemicals are of concern to you? Have you had any uncomfortable experiences with hidden chemical components?

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