Low Libido Remedies

Holistic treatment for low libido can be very effective and work quickly to restore hormonal imbalances. Home remedies such as cayenne pepper quickly stimulate the libido, while supplements like Vitamin E can increase blood flow.

What is Low Libido?

Libido is a term that refers to an individual’s sexual desire. It can be likened to the individual’s sexual appetite or craving for the opposite sex. While several factors contribute to a male or female’s libido, several things can also decrease one’s sexual desiring, resulting in low libido. Low libido is often considered a more female problem; however, men can be just as heavily affected by women.

The characteristic symptom of low libido in men and women is specifically a reduction in sexual desire. Additional symptoms may accompany the condition including illness, chronic pain, personal distress, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, menopausal transitions, low testosterone, physical and emotion stress and chronic illness. Low libido often limits the pleasure of sexual encounters as well.

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List of Remedies for Low Libido