How to Grow Taller

Modified on Aug 28, 2023 | Earth Clinic Team

Human height, along with several other factors, is often associated with an individual’s overall demeanor and confidence. A tall person is often considered more powerful and capable just by mere presence. As such, height is an important factor for many; however, it is largely genetic.

Defined as the distance from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head of the body when standing erect, height is largely dependent upon one’s genetic background. Several different factors affect growth as well, though. Height is generally considered one of the factors of health, as limited growth in height may be a result of malnutrition or other health concerns. Standard of living and quality of life as well as genetic and environmental factors influence an individual’s height. Likewise, hormones, illness, diet, exercise and general life circumstances play an extensive role in the development of height.

In any event, though, an individual may want to try to increase his or her height for a variety of reasons. While several factors that determine growth are out of an individual’s control, several things can be done to enable an individual to grow to his or her greatest potential.

Natural Remedies to Grow Taller

Understanding that height is largely determined by genetics is important; however, many natural supplements and practices can enhance one’s stature and may even add an inch or two to one’s height. Living a healthy lifestyle complete with a healthy amount of rest, exercise and eating whole foods allows the body the greatest chance for growth. Additionally, supplements can be taken to boost growth including aloe vera, calcium, niacin, vitamin D and zinc. Engaging in stretching techniques like yoga and working on one’s posture can also align the body to at least appear taller if not be taller.

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List of Remedies for Grow Taller