Sleep for Grow Taller

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Hannah S. (Springtown, TX) on 08/16/2023:
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When I was 30, I read that if you sleep while it is dark during the winter you will replenish your entire body and in spring you would be a 'new man (woman)'. So, since I lived near my job, for one entire winter I didn't turn on any lights. I went to sleep in the evening when it got dark and I would just fall asleep and I slept for approx. 11-12 hours and in the morning, I would awake at around 6am.

My legs started hurting and I couldn't figure out why, but later discovered I grew two inches.

Important backstory: When I was 13 I was in a car accident and the growth pad on my leg was split in half. I didn't grow from 13 to 18 when I grew one inch and then not again until 30.

My solution - sleep!

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