Ganglion Cyst Pain Relief Remedy

Ganglion Cyst Natural Remedies and Pain Relief

Ganglion cysts can be inconvenient and painful. They may interfere with normal activities. Natural remedies for a ganglion cyst offer relief from pain and swelling and include frankincense essential oil, castor oil, Epsom salt, massage and ice. 

A ganglion cyst presents itself as a lump at a joint, especially the back of the wrist. These fluid-filled lumps can hinder movement of the affected joint. Ganglion cysts can also create pressure on a nerve, resulting in pain. Traditional treatment of these cysts is to remove or drain them surgically.  Unfortunately, these cysts often return after surgery, which is especially frustrating because of the cost involved in surgery and the time lost for the procedure and healing. 

9 Ganglion Cyst Home Remedies

1. The Book Method

While it may sound barbaric, a common way to swiftly get rid of a ganglion cyst is to hit it with a book.  This free remedy only costs the amount of courage needed to implement it.  You will find stories of our readers who ventured to try this remedy on this page.

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List of Remedies for Ganglion Cyst