Hip Fracture | Bone Fracture Remedies

What Is a Fracture?

The skeletal system makes up the overall structure of the body and is comprised of 206 bones. As these bones are subjected to constant pressure and use, the bones may become weak and even break. A fracture is a break in a bone of any size caused when the bone is expressed to more pressure than it can withstand. A fracture in which the bone punctures the skin is called an open or compound fracture while a stress fracture is a small, hairline crack in bone.

A fracture or broken bone can occur in any of the 206 bones in the body. However, several factors contribute to the breaking of a bone. Falling from a great distance, being involved in a car accident and being subjected to a direct blow are all possible causes of fractures. Likewise, child abuse or repetitive forces such as those involved with running causing stress on the foot, ankle, tibia or hip. Hip fractures are among the most common types of fractures; however, a break may occur in any bone.

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List of Remedies for Fractures