Eyelash Loss Remedies

Treatment for the loss of the eyelashes typically involves treating an underlying issue. Nonetheless, common home remedies include the application of essential oils or other oils. Maintaining lubrication on the eyelids and keeping the lashes sanitized helps growth as well.

What is Eyelash Loss?

Madarosis, more commonly known as eyelash loss is not a threatening medical condition; however, it is often frustrating and even distressing to an individual. Common symptoms of the condition include thinning of the eyelashes and a scarce amount of lashes.

Individuals with madarosis may also experience eye infections, irritation and allergic reactions, which may contribute to the thinning of the lashes. Several other factors are associated with the onset of eyelash thinning and can be categorized into five groups, ophthalmic, dermatologic, menopausal, systemic and medicinal.

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List of Remedies for Eyelash Loss