Exercise-Induced Urticaria Treatment

What Is Exercise-Induced Urticaria?

While increased heart rate, fatigue and heavy breathing are all common symptoms following exercise, the development of hives typically is not. However, individuals affected by exercised-induced urticaria experience all of the above and more. Generally speaking, exercise-induced urticaria is characterized as the rapid onset of hives or raised skin welts following exercise. The welts themselves may change in size and shape over time and may come together to form large or giant welts.

Exercise-induced urticaria presents in a number of ways. It is often developed in conjunction with exercise-induced anaphylaxis; however, it does not have to be comorbid with this condition. In any case, exercise-induced Urticaria involves several common characteristics. The characteristic welts are the most common symptom of the condition and may appear as small round wheals, patches or rings. The hives generally itch and may be white to red in color. Generally the welts occur in batches and are typically found on the face and extremities, yet the reaction can occur anywhere.

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List of Remedies for Exercise-Induced Urticaria