Ebola: Are Natural Remedies Helpful?

There's no doubt that ebola (ebola hemorrhagic fever) is a frightening disease.  Our readers are also concerned about ebola and have submitted some suggestions for natural remedies for this viral infection.  Readers report that natural remedies for the ebola virus could include hydrogen peroxide (either inhaled or taken internally), colloidal silver, high doses of vitamin c and more.  Supporting the immune system is very important.

The virus causes both internal and external bleeding, ultimately reducing the blood-clotting ability of the cells and resulting in uncontrollable bleeding.   The spreading virus causes damage to organs and the immune system.  The virus is contracted by contact with bodily fluids from an infected person.  Symptoms appear 2-21 days after infection.  Diagnosis is done by blood and tissue tests.  Well over half of those with ebola do not survive.

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List of Remedies for Ebola