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Dry Mouth Remedies

What Causes Dry Mouth?
Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a common condition of subjective feeling of dryness in the mouth that sometimes is associated with underperformance of the salivary glands. Constant dry mouth can be symptomatic of something else or a side-effect of medication, but sometimes there is no discernible cause. When clinically diagnosed as a reduction of saliva, it is known as hyposalivation.

Since saliva flow is reduced while sleeping, it is common to wake up with dry mouth that will pass after eating or drinking. It is a common symptom associated with diabetes, but dry mouth symptoms may also be simply indicative of dehydration. Dry mouth can also be caused by stress, anxiety, or depression.

Natural Cures for Dry Mouth

Below you will find natural remedies to combat dry mouth. Some of our more popular remedies are coconut oil, cayenne pepper, colostrum, and fennel seeds. But in addition to these remedies are discussions as to the nature and causes of dry mouth, such as Sjogren's syndrome and vitamin deficiencies. If you've a family recipe or cure for dry mouth to share, please do not hesitate to post it here on Earth Clinic!

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List of Remedies for Dry Mouth