Natural Detox: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Detoxing the body – especially liver detox and cleansing the colon and/or intestines – has become a central focus of complementary medicine. Those with specific health ailments or those wishing for improved general health or to prevent future illness can equally benefit from different options for natural detoxification of the body.

In our fat tissue, our liver, the intestines, and other organs of the body we constantly accumulate heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, and other potential toxins from our foods and exposure to the environment. Long-term exposure to all of those pollutants in the body can negatively effect the immune system, DNA expression, and general health. For that reason, many health practitioners recommend that we undertake slow and deliberate detoxing diets or supplementation to expel toxins safely from the body without causing negative side effects.

Home Remedies: Among other detoxing remedies, milk thistle is one herb commonly recommended for liver detox. Likewise, bentonite clay, colonics, and enemas are promoted for cleansing the colon and intestines.

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List of Remedies for Detoxing Remedies