Dental Extraction Pain Remedies

 Following a tooth extraction or oral surgery, significant pain is not uncommon. Natural remedies for pain following a dental extraction can bring a surprising amount of pain relief, without the risk of side effects from prescription pain medication. Home remedies for pain relief include clove oil, black tea bags, and the supplement bromelain.

Before considering any natural remedies, make sure they are compatible with your doctor’s recommendations! Each person is unique and each surgery is different. Additionally, you to consider any specific directions your doctor has given you for your individual situation. For example, oil pulling may not be compatible with many oral surgeries because of risk of “pulling” our the healing scabs in your mouth, or causing damage to stitches. If you have had significant bleeding or are on blood thinners, bromelain may not be suitable for your situation as it has blood thinning properties.

Clove Oil

Cloves have antiseptic and numbing properties. Clove essential oil is a concentrated form of cloves. Using a clean cotton bud clove oil is dabbed onto the areas of pain. This remedy is often used every few hours as needed for pain.

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List of Remedies for Dental Extraction Pain