Hydrotherapy, Chinese Herbal Balm for Degenerative Disc Disease

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Rob (Kentucky) on 05/11/2023:
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How I Cured my G-Friend of Degenerative Back Disc Disease in 3 Days

First her medical background. 36 year ago female, started suffering from back problems after a bad car accident when she was 15 yrs old. Has received numerous epidural steroid injections along with pain pills with no relief. Chiropractic adjustments, etc... She had just given up and lived with the pain.

Fast forward to 5 years ago. I had a theory about how to relieve the pain and the swelling of the bulging disc without surgery after studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and meeting a chinese girl from Macau China, by the name “Emy”. Tallest chinese girl I ever seen! To see if my theory would work, I needed a volunteer that suffered from this illness. My now GF agreed to be a guinea pig.

The Protocol

The first half of the treatment involved heat hydrotherapy. I studied George Washington Carver and how he setup a therapy clinic to treat patients suffering from arthritis. Even President Franklin Roosevelt, who suffered from poliomyelitis, visited these clinics for hydrotherapy in Georgia, USA back in the 1920-40’s.

The second half of the treatment involved applying a special balm/oil from a chinese recipe that Emy gave me. She was telling me that this formula “Cold-Ex is what she called it” will push stagnanted fluid built-up in the body tissue or organ’s, back into the bodies lymphatic system to be eliminated as waste thus eliminating the swelling.

I have looked for this formula in other chinese medicine and have not found anything close. I’m assuming it was a family recipe. Nothing mass produced commercially. If you go to Hong Kong, you will see a lot of store owner displaying their family's own medical formulas in bottles and salves. Like the Woo family this and plum dragon that… some of the formulas go back thousands of years.

Now, that was a bold statement, so I made the balm/oil according to the recipe she gave me. All I can say is that this stuff is NUCLEAR! I tested it on a friend who had fluid on the knee and was scheduled to have it drain by the doctor next week. I was curious to see if want Emy told me was true, so I asked my friend if she would try this treatment first. She agreed and applied the balm to her knee right then and there. She applied it again before bed. The next day she called me in a hysterical fit! Telling me her knee was normal. Not swollen, didn’t hurt. Said she peed like a race horse that night. I told her to send me a picture of her knee using her cell phone. She was right. It looked completely normal next to her other knee. Hum…

Now, how I cured my GF DDD….

I have a jacuzzi tub so there was the hydrotherapy. I put my GF into it with the water as HOT AS SHE COULD STAND IT. I added epsom salt for magnesium to loosen up her muscles and added tea tree and eucalyptus also. I boiled her like a potato for 30 minutes.

Next, I got her out of the jacuzzi and while she was still hot (must be done while the patient is hot from the hydrotherapy) I worked from the base of her skull to her hips with the balm/oil. She proceeded to get dressed and we went out on the patio. She said she was sooo cold form the balm that her teeth were chattering. Said she felt like she was in a beer cooler but it was 85 degrees outside on the patio. The cold lasted for about one hour. We repeated the treatment for the next two days for a total of 3 treatments (must be done back-to-back for 3 days).

That was 5 years ago. She has not had any problems with her back. She can even wear 7 inch platform heels.. Woo-Hoo! Together with improving her diet, eating health, taking vitamins and minerals. Alot of her underlying health conditions have mostly disappeared.

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