Hyaluronic Acid for Degenerative Disc Disease

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Prioris (ME) on 07/16/2023:
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I had chiropractor tell me my herniated disc could not be cured about 15 years ago. I said F that and searched many years until I hear people were curing their back problems on earth clinic with injectable form of hyaluronic acid.

I came across a product manufactured by Biocell. It is a highly absorbed form of HA which also contains a couple other ingredients. I bought the HA brand by Doctors Best.

I found that it not only cured herniated or bulging discs but also regenerates the gums in mouth. It takes 6 weeks to heal at most but removes pain within 4 weeks. It should help joints too.

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Dave (St Petersburg, FL) on 07/14/2023:
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I had a sensitive back that would go out several times a year. It was so bad that doing any physical work like bending quickly became impossible. Sometimes I was in so much pain I couldn't get out of bed without help. This lasted about 20 years; and probably started earlier at a low level.

Sometime in early March 2023 I started seeing a chiropractor again -- I've been seeing chiropractors on and off since about 1994. One spot on my back was particularly sensitive. The chiropractor thought it might be a slipped disk, and mentioned that there wasn't much I could do about that. I always double and triple check everything doctors tell me (I don't trust MDs). So I did a search for this too and found a link to EarthClinic's entries on Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

I started taking Ted's HA protocol. Bought 25g HA powder from PureBulk(dot)com, got several small mason jars (1 US Pint, about 470 ml size), and distilled water (currently I use spring water). I converted the grams HA to volume, which comes to a slightly heaping and loosely packed 1/8 teaspoon-USA. I put 1/8 tspn HA in a jar and fill with water, no mixing, no other ingredients, no salt needed, and screw the lid on. Place in refrigerator overnight. HA will completely dissolve.

I drink about half a jar each day, some in the morning and some in the evening. I started this the last week of March 2023. Within one month, I've seen dramatic results. My back feels generally pain feel and much stronger. I'm able to reach and stretch, and do things that in the past would've resulted in a "zing" with a week of sensitive back and slow recovery.

I'm still taking things carefully, just in case. But I think HA is the magic juice. It's the stuff my body needed to repair and rebuild.
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