Chicken Sternum Cartilage for Degenerative Disc Disease

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Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 03/17/2022:
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For Degenerative Disc Disease or for back/skeletal injuries or arthritis, I would try a chicken sternum (CS) cartilage capsule per day for life or at least for 5 years. I am currently in my upper 60's.

Chicken sternum has type 2 collagen in it which rebuilds cartilage.

Something tore next to my spine in the mid-2000s as I lifted a 7-gallon water jug. My back felt unhinged from then on.

My knees and thumbs were also loose in their sockets at the time, so I started taking a chicken sternum capsule mornings, and it rebuilt and filled in the cartilage in my knees/thumbs in say 4 months. The joints became tight again and subtle but noticeable improvement started within a few days.

However, my unhinged back healed some years later. It could have been 2 years or longer because I didn't notice when my back actually healed, but only that it has healed from the unhinged feeling.

I still take a capsule of chicken sternum mornings, although CS has never has healed my injured shoulder, but the shoulder is not painful.

I reason that the cartilage sternum of a bird acts as a shock absorber for the bird's flapping wings. So the bird's cartilage sternum needs to repair and rebuild rapidly each day. So that is why I think CS rebuilds hips, knees and other joints so well, except maybe shoulders.

I knew a lady in 2016 who canceled her hip replacement (confirmed by x-ray), and her friend canceled his painful knee's replacement after they both took CS capsules for 4 months. He was walking around as normal as if his knee had never hurt, whereas before he was not able to stand in line at the buffet without sitting down.

Instead of the current BioCell brand of CS extract, Swanson carried the kollaGen brand of chicken sternum capsules back then, kollaGen which is now carried by PipingRock: cartilage&qid=1647534436

I wanted to try the newer BioCell brand of CS extract, so that is what I take now.

The Swanson CS I most recently bought for about $17.50 per bottle by using RetailMeNot. Or the current 25% off sale at Swanson would yield the same $17.24 price, which is normally $22.99 per bottle.

I figure that it only makes sense to take chicken sternum capsules to feed my skeletal system and joints. The bottles suggest more capsules per day or per dose, although just one capsule per day of CS was always enough to produce results for me.

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