Natural First Aid for Wounds

Cuts or lacerations to the skin are common enough, but should be treated with care. Any wound, no matter how small, can become infected and lead to more significant health problems. All wounds should be cleaned immediately (you might consider hydrogen peroxide to rid the area of infectious agents, although there is some debate about that), and a number of options are available for helping the wound to heal more quickly.

Basic First Aid for Cuts

For many of us, Aloe Vera is the number one natural treatment for cuts and wounds. For stopping profuse bleeding, a number of Earth Clinic readers also recommend using powdered cayenne to speed up the coagulation process and close the wound.

A wound that is kept moist and given the nutrients the skin needs for reconstruction is less likely to develop into a scar, but should you develop an unsightly scar, we have ideas about how to treat that as well!

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List of Remedies for Cuts