Natural Remedies for CREST Syndrome

One subtype of scleroderma, CREST syndrome or disease is a limited form of scleroderma that typically affects the lower arms and legs and sometimes the face and throat. Literally define, scleroderma means “hardened skin,” so Crest disease is a mild form of this more progressive skin condition.

The name “CREST” actually serves as an acronym for the symptoms that are present in a patient affected by the disorder. The “C” represents calcinosis or calcium deposits forming under the skin on the fingers and other parts of the body. “R” stands for Raynaud’s phenomenon or spasms of the blood vessels in the fingers and toes. “E” signifies esophageal dysmotility or difficulty swallowing. “S” designates sclerodactyly or the tightening of the skin on the fingers causing the fingers to bend or fold. “T” stands for telangiectasia or rather dilated blood vessels in the skin that appear as “spiders.”

Considered an autoimmune disorder, limited scleroderma is thought to be a condition in which the immune system turns against itself. Generally speaking, in limited scleroderma, it appears as if the immune system initiates the overproduction of collagen, which normally serves as a key component in connective tissue. This overproduction of collagen results in a buildup in the skin as well as the internal organs and impairs the overall function.

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List of Remedies for CREST Syndrome