Crepitus Treatment for Neck and Joints

What Is Crepitus?

Periodic cracking of the joints is a fairly common, harmless occurrence; however, regular or recurring crackling and grating noises are not typical and are signs of a more serious condition. The condition is typically defined or characterized as frequent grinding or crunching within a joint. The noise or sensation is the result of the joint surfaces or tissues rubbing together.

A symptom of previous joint injury or arthritis, crepitus can be categorized into several different types. The most common are bone, joint and bursitis. Bone crepitus involves two fractured bone fragments moving against one another. Joint crepitus deals more specifically with the movement of the joint, exhibiting the characteristic sensation as the joint is moved. Bursitis actually is the result of inflammation of bursae within the body and is felt if the fluid within the bursae contains fibrous segments.

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List of Remedies for Bone Crackling