Coma Remedies

What Is a Coma?

By definition, a coma is a state of sustained unconsciousness caused by any number of problems. Comas are often brought on by traumatic head injuries, strokes, brain tumors, drug or alcohol intoxication, and even underlying illnesses, including diabetes and infection. In any case, a coma is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention to preserve life and brain function in the affected individual. Even after a person has fallen into a coma, doctors order and perform several tests often including a brain CT scan to determine the cause of a coma and organize treatment.

A coma is typically easy to recognize. Common symptoms of coma include closed eyes, suppressed reflexes, non-dilating pupils, no limb response, limited response even to painful stimuli, and irregular breathing. While most individuals gradually recover from coma, some individuals enter a vegetative, nonresponsive state and others may die. Additional complications of coma include minor or major disabilities following the incidence, pressure sores, and bladder infections.

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List of Remedies for Coma