Collagen for Torn Ligaments.

Collagen Supplementation for Torn Ligaments and Tendons

In early January, a good friend of mine mentioned that his left upper arm had been hurting him for months and seemed to radiate into his shoulder area. He demonstrated that he had a minimal range of motion in his left arm and could only raise his left hand to just below the shoulder itself, and that entailed much pain to lift it that high.

He said his primary doctor took a look at it and promptly referred him to a surgeon. The surgeon sent him for an MRI with contrast dye.

When the results came back, the surgeon told him that he had torn ligaments and torn tendons in his upper arm. The surgeon went on to tell my friend that he was not a candidate for physical therapy and that the only way to improve his arm was with surgery. He suggested scheduling the surgery immediately. My friend asked him if he would be 100% in the left arm again post-surgery, and how long the recovery would take.

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