Natural Treatments for Cluster Headaches

Any type of headache is a nuisance, but a cluster headache is one of the most intense and painful types of headache. Because this head pain is so intense and regularly involves additional symptoms, it can be difficult to treat effectively. However, in combination with conventional treatments, natural cures for cluster headaches can help reduce pain and prevent future outbreaks of cluster headaches. Capsaicin, chlorophyll, magnesium, and melatonin are among the best natural remedies for cluster headaches.

What Are Cluster Headaches?

Medline Plus describes a cluster headache as one in which pain is located on one-side of your head and may involve tearing of your eyes as well as a stuffy nose. The condition gets its name from the frequent “outbreaks” of headaches that are common with this type of headache. Individuals typically experience a cluster period that may last anywhere from a week to months at a time and are followed by periods of “remission”, with no headaches for months or even years.

Cluster headaches are often confused with other forms of headaches, especially migraines and sinus headaches. The Mayo Clinic lists common symptoms of cluster headaches as localized pain around one eye, pain that is prevalent on one side, restlessness, tearing of one or both eyes, a stuffy or runny nose on the affected side, swelling around the eye and a drooping eyelid.

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List of Remedies for Cluster Headaches