Cirrhosis Treatment

Cirrhosis of the liver refers to the tough, fibrous scarring of liver tissue caused by chronic inflammation. The scarring replaces normal liver cells, but is not functional. Scarred tissue is unable to detoxify the body. The goals of cirrhosis treatment are to prevent more scar tissue from forming and to treat cirrhosis complications and symptoms (hepatitis medications, for example). Antioxidants help reduce damage from free radicals: Vitamin E (1-2000 IU daily), Vitamin C (1000 mg. 2x daily) and Selenium 200 (300 mg daily).

Natural Cirrhosis Treatment

- Avoid alcohol, smoking and eat healthy low-sodium diet with lean protein. Don't eat raw seafood. Avoid infections, aspirin and ibuprofen.
- BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene) is an antioxidant derived from phenol. 350 mg. 2x daily restored liver function in a month.
- Green smoothies w/spinach, wheat-grass juice and a liver tonic.
- Ted from Bangkok, Thailand recommended: "Bleeding may be helped with vitamin K1 100 mg x 5, and vitamin K2 100 mg x 5. Liver cirrhosis needs granulated lecithin 1 teaspoon tube fed, 2x daily, and vitamin C 500 mg x 8 times a day. The best vitamin K is Glakay, 15 mg x 5 times a day, it is K2 M4, but is hard to find. The N Acetyl Cysteine non-effervescent is given 250 mg x 8 times a day, initially to detox as it is a precursor to glutathione.
- Milk Thistle (Silymarin) and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Also did wheat-grass enemas and epsom salt baths.
- Milk Thistle and Turmeric.
- German Camomile Tea, 3 cups a day. Tomato juice also good.
- Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)

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List of Remedies for Cirrhosis