Peppermint Oil for Chronic Pain Syndrome

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Denise (Crescent City, CA) on 02/10/2019
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I wanted to share in order to maybe help someone else who has pain, and I do realize that my pain was centered in just one place. So much easier to do what I did for mine.

Last night I had a bad bout of Acid Reflux. I posted on that thread as well. But during the same time, I developed what appears to be some chronic pain in the bone area behind my ear. As I felt around, and tried to massage it a bit, it did go down a bit lower as well, into my neck and area of some bone-spurs I have there. I put my icepack on the area, but that seemed to aggravate it, and I could still feel the pain. It was hurting more than ever before, and really kind of scared me. But I stayed calm and decided on trying something else I had read about. I have taken to Essential Oils, just for calming and comfort, but hadn't tried them on anything like this.

I feel the strongest one is the Peppermint so I just put a drop on my finger tips and massage JUST the area of the pain. I found with Frankincense and Peppermint both, I don't need a "carrier" oil because neither bothers my skin. My pain was completely gone within minutes. Nothing super special about my oils, I by "middle of the road" price-wise. They are 100% pure though, and zero other ingredients. I should mention that I tried Peppermint Oil on my temple for migraine, a totally different sort of pain. Mine are hemoplegic. The Oil didn't work on that, for me anyway. That was some time ago, but I am glad I tried again with this other aching pain.