High Dose Vitamin D3 for Chronic Pain Syndrome

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Cheryl (Hendersonville TN) on 05/28/2020:
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Thank you so much for sharing this, HisJewel! Am taking vitamin D but apparently need to add the K2. I read this a while back and forgot about having to add the K2. Am so happy to hear you are feeling better and was able to control your fibromyalgia naturally. Yes, God loves us so much and cares about our aches and pains, ❤️.

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HisJewel (United States) on 02/28/2020:
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One day a few years ago, I woke up to painful, hurting, achy body and bones. Every morning when I would get out of my bed the pain would pull me back down. I wondered if this was my welcome into old age, however most of the saints in my church in their eighties are very agile and had no problems sitting or standing, and here I was in my middle 60’s and had trouble getting out of my seat because of aching bones.

On the suggestion of Sir R.H., I read a book on high dose vitamin D3. When I began taking the vitamin D3, it was an overnight miracle. I started at 10 IU and worked my way up to 50 IU a day, then back down to 10 IU. I also took K2 along with it, per the book’s advice. Long story short, the very next day after first high dose Vitamin D3 , when I woke up in the morning I arose up with no pain. I was amazed. That was about four years ago, I still take my Vitamin D3. Now I can skip a few day and still get out of chair or bed without achy body. Ha, ha, ha, now I can compete with the seniors.


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