Natural Cures for Brain Fog

Lawrence Wilson, a medical doctor and president of The Center for Development, sites brain fog as one of the most important symptoms of poor brain functioning today. However, most individuals consider the condition difficult to define and treat because it has such an array of causes and connections. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing issues with mental confusion or lack of clarity, you can treat the condition utilizing a variety of natural cures and therapeutic supports such as reflexology, detoxification, and supplements like CoQ10.

What Is Brain Fog?

Dr. Wilson defines brain fog as a general feeling of confusion or pervasive lack of mental clarity. If you are dealing with brain fog, you may feel like you have a “cloud” in your mental processing that prevents you from thinking clearly. In addition to cloudy thinking, individuals are often more forgetful, become somewhat detached from typical relationships, and may even feel discouraged or depressed.

Brain fog can be difficult to treat because it is a largely “subjective” condition by way of description. It also is generally associated with quite an array of causes including adrenal fatigue, fungal infection, the use of antibiotics, heavy metal poisoning, hypothyroidism, and others. Dehydration and low energy are also often linked to the condition.

Can I Remedy Brain Fog with Natural Cures?

One of the important first steps for treating brain fog is identifying the underlying cause of the condition. A medical professional can help you identify the cause after which you can typically utilize natural treatments to cure or at least balance your condition. Some of the best natural cures include reflexology, detoxification, and supplements like CoQ10.

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List of Remedies for Brain Fog