Grape Seed Extract and Asthma.

Asthma and Grape Seed Extract

To be clear, I will be discussing Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin Extract which is typically referred to as GSPE or more commonly as GSE, but this is not to be confused with Grapefruit Seed Extract, which is also commonly referred to as GSE, but these are two very different supplements with different effects. 

Last week I had breakfast with a group of friends and one friend told me that their doctor had just diagnosed her with adult onset Asthma. The doctor told her that this will likely be with her for the rest of her life and he prescribed her an inhaler that contains a steroid. She said she felt like the inhaler did not seem to be helping her much as she still felt tightness, congestion and discomfort. She said that she had heard that long term steroid use could cause other health issues and asked me about any alternatives that might be useful. I told her that I was aware of a few possible remedies, but suggested she only try one at a time until she found one that would be effective for her.

I suggested Grape Seed Extract (GSE) at high dose because I know it is usually well tolerated and has potential to offer other health benefits other than just asthma relief, due at least partially to its potent antioxidant activities, its anti inflammatory effects as well as its gut microbiome manipulating effects. I further told her that the GSE should at a minimum allow her to use her inhaler less often as she was using it everyday with only minimal relief at 3 uses per day.

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