Supplements for Gum Disease.

4 Scientifically Proven Remedies for Gum Disease

Art Solbrig's Protocol to Fight Gum Disease, Reduce Tartar, Remineralize Teeth, Fight Plaque, and Help Prevent Cavities.

by Art Solbrig
Published October 30, 2020
Updated November 07. 2020

There are many causes for gum disease and it doesn't matter that the teeth themselves are very healthy as gum disease can cause them to fall out anyway.

I am thinking that multiple supplements may be useful to help protect the gums, but in this post, I will limit it to three supplements and 1 home remedy that are likely to improve your gums' health if you can tolerate them.

Anyone considering these supplements for the purposes mentioned below should consult their dentist to make sure it will be safe for them.

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List of Remedies for Gum Disease, Art Solbrig