Anhidrosis Remedies

If your body does not sweat normally, it won’t be able to cool itself properly, which can lead to additional health issues. Some natural cures for anhidrosis include baking soda, salt, and cucumber juice, to keep you cool and sweating normally.

What Is Anhidrosis?

Anhidrosis is defined very simply as the inability to sweat normally. Sometimes called hypohidrosis, the condition is difficult to diagnose but can lead to the body’s inability to cool itself causing overheating and even heatstroke in some cases.

Common symptoms of the condition include little to no perspiration, dizziness, muscle cramps and weakness, flushing, and feeling hot. A number of factors contribute to anhidrosis including nerve damage associated with diabetes, alcoholism and other issues; skin damage caused by clogged ducts and injuries; and certain medications such as bladder control medication, nausea medicine, and psychiatric medication. Genetic factors and dehydration may also cause the condition.

Is It Normal to Not Sweat?

If you’ve noticed you have been sweating less, you may be enjoying the “freedom” of not perspiring; however, when you consider the purpose of sweating, you can understand the danger of not being able to sweat. The purpose of sweating is to cool the body, so when your body is unable to sweat, it can’t cool itself. While not sweating might be nice, it is not healthy.

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List of Remedies for Anhidrosis