Liver Detox for Anger

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mandandi (Gaborone, Botswana) on 12/22/2019:
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After being inflicted with parasite and candida infection for many years, I was left full of anger. The road to recovery started when i found out i was infected really, because I started a program to clean out the parasites. 6 years later, I was surprised to suddenly feel the anger disappear when I started taking milk thistle seeds, blended in watermelon juice once or twice a day. Within days, the anger just started melting away, slowly. A month later, I added moringa seeds to the mix and felt even better. For those suffering from low libido, moringa seeds may be your answer. Be careful though, they have lots of fibre so if you use a lot, you will get a running stomach So I suppose that a liver cleanse can dissolve anger left by chemicals from parasite infestation. I must add that I had tried milk thistle tablets earlier and did not feel any positive effect. Perhaps I still high levels of toxins then and needed to be patient. I wont know.
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