Eating Once a Day for Anger

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Looms (Buhl Id) on 06/01/2016:
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I have apprenticed in Asian medicine much of my life, and like you already mention here, anger is related to liver congestion. My upbringing was very toxic living beside industrial chemical factories, and rage or repression of it (along with some alcohol abuse by my parents and comfortable emotional habits) left my liver very irritable. I've done so many herbs and emotional therapies I can't remember em all and am a natural food junkie with 40 years vegetarian under my belt, but one thing has made a huge difference in my anger....I eat only one meal a's like a mini fast that keeps me clear minded and my liver eased. It saved my marriage, and has improved my health in general. And yes I do "over eat" my one meal (to keep calories up) which is supposed to be hard on the liver, but it does not seem to counter act the bennifits of my clarity, peace and all around health. I had the beginning symptoms of diabetus when I started too (it's rampant in my family) and all those are long gone as well from my one meal a day diet.
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