Vaseline Coated Inside the Nose for Allergies

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Kellyd (Seattle, Wa) on 11/17/2015:
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With all due respect, putting petroleum jelly inside one's nose, let alone anywhere on the body, for allergies has got to be the worst advice I've read in a long time.

Petroleum jelly is made from petroleum products -- chemical compounds that were never meant for human consumption or application, and in fact are responsible for not only certain types of "allergies", but also serious problems like immune suppression, liver function problems, kidney problems, etc.

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Bob (Memphis, TN) on 03/21/2009:
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I heard about using vaseline to coat the inside of your nose many years ago and have been doing this for a really long time. I have never encountered any problems from it being a petroleum product. Although, in response to the original post, it has never made my allergies any better and I always get a cold or two per year. What it does for me is it keeps my nose from getting dried out and scabby which always really drove me crazy. Since I've been doing this I have never had any more problems. If on occasion I run out of the house and forget to use the vaseline my nose really bothers me the entire day. If you live in a dry climate it would probably work wonders. I live in the south where we have a lot of humidity but it works here as well. Hope this helps someone.

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Nytrini (Austin, TX) on 03/01/2004:
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I have been having seasonal allergies ever since during spring and fall. I would get runny nose, itchy & watery and swollen eyes. Sometimes I would have to blow my nose a dozen times in 1/2 hr after i wakes up. After researching for a long time i concluded you must pevent the allergens from eaching your bloodstream. You cannot cover your nose but i had another idea. You can coat the inside of the nose with Vaseline. I have been doing this for about a month, morning and night and haven't had to blow my nose not more than twice since then. No itchy, watery or swollen eyes. I was surprised it works. It even prevents sneezing and the common cold. I used to take Claritin but haven't taken any since then.
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