N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) for Allergies

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Margie (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) on 04/03/2007:
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I have had allergies for years. I developed allergies at the age of 28 and had suffered with them for a long time. Two years ago I brought a book called alterna-tive cures that I have been using for two years now to solve a few of my ailments. In reading the book for allergies NAC (n-acetylcysteine) was suggested for allergies. And it works, because right now the trees are blossoming and flowers as well and this is generally the worst time of year for me, because I suffer with allergies something awful. I have not had a problem with itchy eyes, sneezing, sore scratchy throat and tickling of the throat. I use the recommended dosage that is suggested in the book, but I can't remember what it is. Again, I have been using NAC two years and it has worked well for me.
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