Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation for Allergies

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Anne (California ) on 04/26/2022:
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I might have inhaled too much or did it wrong, but my neck swelled up and my voice got high pitched within 15 minutes of doing the hydrogen peroxide inhalation. My sister and family members gargle with it and I feel like that is fine, but I had air under my skin within an hour of doing this remedy.Be careful what you put in your body especially if your health is not great, mine was not good when I tried it.

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Sandhi (USA) on 09/19/2007:
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To Ted: My Ragweed Allergy can get pretty ugly. completely stuffed up nose at night, post nasal drip, scratchy throat, uncontrolled sneezing and general feeling of being run down. H2O2 was giving me bloating, when drinking it in water. This time I bought a nasal pump. Put 3% HP (h2o2) in it, and pumped it in my mouth. To my surprise, the post nasal drip stopped almost immediately and the sneezing stopped. I carried my nasal pump to work, and did the same, as soon as I found, a big sneeze is on its way. And it worked almost every time. So the oxidative therapy of HP is working far better than all the Vitamin C, Vitamin E, NAC, Zinc, b-complex I was taking in hopes of combating the allergies. I am really thankful to you, cause had you not written posiitve things abt HP, I would have had no courage to try HP. You motivated me. Although I tried Bill Munro's method and I am also going to thank him personally. Please note: spraying HP in nostrils is really irritating. But spraying it insides of the mouth/ under the tongue, can literally stop and allergy attack. ( It has at least in my case). With allergy symptoms under control, I feel I have more energy and need less sleep, get less tired. Apart from spraying, I am also taking like 2 drops of 35% HP in a glass of water in the morning. I really wanna kill all the bugs out there. I am really impressed... thankyou.
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Sandhi (USA) on 09/18/2007:
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Hi Bill: I am really glad I talked to you that day and tried HP inhalation. It has brought my Ragweed Allergy so much under control. I just pumped HP 4-5 times in my mouth and it literally stopped the sneezing and post nasal drip. You are my inspiration. Now I think I can say something is WORKING against my allergies, when even the famous Vitamin C did not work. thankyou. God bless you and your family.
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